People make companies successful

People make companies successful

We give people the opportunity to develop their potential and apply their competencies purposefully. We provide a space which promotes, inspires, encourages, and invites our team to contribute their individual potential to our community.

"At Kienbaum, we call this “Leading by #WePowerment”." Fabian Kienbaum - Co-Chief Empowerment Officer

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Welcome to the family

Like many career paths at Kienbaum, Marion's and Yannik's started as interns. Today, both are Senior Consultants in Organization, Strategy & HR Transformation, with Yannik advising our clients specifically in the area of People Analytics.

Martin, Director/Partner (Compensation & Performance Management) likes to take advantage of our open space philosophy - so you'll often meet him at our headquarters in Cologne, sitting on a bistro chair, in the greenhouse or on the open space in the artrium.

Barbara, Senior Specialist Talent Acquisition, and Anja, Head of People Development, have been colleagues at Kienbaum for 15 years, and have now been together in the People Operations team for four years.

As Brand Experience Officer at Kienbaum, our creative genius André burns for sustainable brand added value and is also the location manager of our Düsseldorf office - which is located in the middle of the Japanese quarter.

Simone and Artur are committed to customer activation. Simone as Marketing Specialist in the BrandX team, Artur as Director in the Sales Office team.

Through Annemarie, departing employees remain in the Kienbaum family, as she is our face for everything related to the alumni network. At the same time, she holds the position as Lead of the Sales Office, where Celia has also found her home port.

You will meet Nina and Bärbel when you enter the reception area in Cologne. Oguz Han, Junior Accountant, and the other Kienbäumer employees always start their day with a smile.

Our two organizational talents Petra, Assistant to the Board, and Lina, Project Assistant Compensation & Performance Management, keep a cool head even in the most stressful situations. Both can be met regularly in Cologne, Petra often accompanied by her dog Emma.

We are looking for you

We are looking for you

We offer you an environment that does not only respect your strengths and specialties, but promotes them actively. How do we achieve this? Through exciting and varied projects, a great scope for responsibility and creativity, excellent training, flexible working hours, celebrations and joint activities.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!
Your Talent Acquisition Team.

Good reasons to join Kienbaum.


Continuing education with our AKademy

Learning is a lifelong process. Our AKademy ensures that the required knowledge and necessary training are available to you at the right time, in the right format, scope, and quality – featuring that certain spark of inspiration and passion.

Career Paths

Your Kienbaum Career Path comprises clear development paths and periods along a generally applicable career model. Within the Career Path, so-called Contribution Profiles apply, which contain clear performance expectations for each job level. The Kienbaum compensation model rewards your performance fairly and transparently. Fixed milestones are set as part of the annual Development Cycle: An individual evaluation takes place before the Performance & Development Conference, in which decisions concerning promotions are made, followed by the Performance & Development Dialogue and Mentoring Meet-Ups.

Art as a source of inspiration

One thing immediately catches the eye when you enter one of the Kienbaum locations: The premises are alive with art! Art in many colors and forms, formerly contemporary. The art is a special, yet integral part of our new work concept. It is not only pleasant to look at, art inspires! And so our Kienbaum employees use the various works as a source of creativity, a kick-off for small-talk at the coffee machine, or an impulse to learn more about the history of the works.

Behind the scenes

We work in a goal- and results-oriented manner. True to the motto "work hard, play hard", we also know how to celebrate successes and reward the work we do together. In addition, we are networkers through and through and love the personal exchange with other Kienbaum employees. Whether at office events or our anniversary party at the start of 2020 – we have fond memories of good parties and are already looking forward to the next get-together. Are you in?

Application Process

Step 1:

Your application reaches us directly and easily via our online portal. If any documents are missing, we will contact you. You can expect an initial response within two weeks.

Step 2:

You will receive a link to our online assessment by e-mail. You can plan about 45 minutes for this.

Step 3:

After successful participation, a member of the Talent Acquisition team will conduct a 30-minute telephone interview or a virtual interview with you. 

Step 4:

You will be invited to a personal/virtual interview or an applicant day as soon as possible. There you will have the opportunity to get to know the people responsible for your area and to convince us in the context of task-related cases.

Step 5:

On the application day, you will usually receive final feedback on the same day. For other types of interviews, we also decide within the next few days.

Step 6:

Soon you will hear from your onboarding buddy!

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